The ASIE Team

Beth Burt, Executive Director 

Beth is a parent of two young adults, one of which has Autism.  She has co-authored of two books on inclusion and has been working to improve the lives of all affected by Autism for the last 16 years.  She has served on a number of State and Local Task Forces, Collaborations on Housing, Employment, and Public Policy issues related to Autism.

She currently serves as the President of the Autism Society of California.

Clara Garcia, Director of Programs

Clara has been active in the field of social services for the past 21 years in the areas of mental health and drug treatment counseling, gang prevention/intervention programs and has spent the last 9 years serving those in the disability community by promoting inclusion, advocating and educating.

Clara has created and implemented inclusive programs for special needs children and their typical peers which include a Summer camp, play dates, outings in the community. Clara has appeared on PSA’s promoting inclusion and advocacy for the disability community.

What stands out most about Clara is the special relationships she builds with families. Because of her genuine care for families, they turn to her for assistance with advocacy, share important family issues and best of all invite her to gatherings where there is always great food!

Anel Ibarra, Program Coordinator    

Anel is the mother of three beautiful children, one of them who has autism.  Previously to joining ASIE, Anel volunteered helping Spanish speaking community.

Anel is responsible for keeping ASIE going! Among her many responsibilities, Anel organizes all of our events and programs – which averages 12 a month.  This includes finding locations, speakers, supplies, creating the electronic registrations, and notices as well as creating  our newsletter.

Our Resource Specialists

Melissa Cardona, Autism Resource Specialist

Melissa graduated from Florida Atlantic University and has a Bachelor of Health Services. She is a mother of 4 boys, 2 who are on the spectrum.

Melissa is joining the ASIE Team to fill a new position as a resource specialist, she will be helping parents with questions, resources, find events and lend a listening ear. She will also continue to improve our website resource pages. Melissa is a great addition to ASIE and is also bilingual, please say hello to her when you are calling in or emailing us!

Michele Villa, Autism Resource Specialist

Michele is a local special needs advocate and Riverside resident. She is the mother to a young boy with down syndrome and autism, and has volunteered her time and skills to these two communities. She has been an active member on Special Needs Community and other groups, helping families with advocacy issues around school, IHSS, Regional Center for the last 8 years.

Liliana Alvarado Autism Resource Specialist 

Liliana is the mother of twins on different levels of the Autism Spectrum Disorder and two typical children. Liliana and her husband have advocated for families, She is currently the adult resource specialist and leader of Charla con Cafe, a support group for Spanish speaking families with the Autism Society Inland Empire.

Serves the Inland Empire. Bilingual Resource specialist provides support, information, and resources for all ages of individuals and families with a loved one with autism. Offers Charla, Autismo y Café meets once a month in Rancho Cucamonga. This group has several fun social events and workshops throughout the year.