Social Recreation Services

All of our in-person groups and events have been cancelled due to COVID-10, however, check out our new online programs below!

Families consistently indicate that Social Recreation services are their biggest needs. Over half of our local families indicated this was their most pressing need.  There seems to be three stages to acquiring the play, communication, and social skills for social recreation activties:

  1. Acquiring skills – usually done in home, school, or therapeutic setting
  2. Practicing skills in a safe environment
  3. Practicing in more independent settings

While safety is our number one priority, we know how important it is for children, teens and adults to have opportunities to explore new skills, enjoy their gifts and talents –  and just have fun.  Below are the latest online programs and services we offer:

Virtual Events

Generic Fun Friday- IG

Fun Fridays

Fun for all ages!  Spend 30 min each Fri and exercise with a Superhero, or sing with a princess.

Murrieta generic

Murrieta Teen and Adult Group

Meets once a month on a Saturday to play games and have fun.  Open to teens, adults and family members.

Rancho Adult Group

Meets twice a month on Friday Night to play games or talk. Group for independent adults over 18 years old.  No parents please.

Sensory Friendly Social Hour

Meets every week on Thurs afternoons.  Virtual class to practice conversation skills with fun topics.  Open to teens and adults.

Special Events

Art Initiative

Art is a talent that many enjoy.  Once a year we have a call for art and compile a calendar featuring our local artist.  This year artists were also featured at an Art Show in San Bernardino.

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