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Families with a child or adult with program are faced with many challenges: learning what services each organization provides, new vocabulary, and how to access those services just to start. Our staff at the Autism Society Inland Empire are all parents who have children or adults with autism and have extensive experience with these systems. Our Resource Specialists can provide guidance to families who are attempting to understand programs and resources offered by the school, Regional Centers, medical insurance, and other programs such as Social Security and In Home Supportive Services (IHSS).

[icon_text box_type=”normal” icon_pack=”font_elegant” fe_icon=”icon_question” icon_type=”circle” icon_position=”left” title=”Call or Email” text=”The Autism Society Inland Empire distributes information to individuals with autism, family members, service providers and the general public. We are happy to answer calls and emails related to autism, services, events, and resources available. Call us at (951) 220-6922 or email us at Referral services available in English, Spanish, and Arabic.” custom_icon_size=”28″ text_left_padding=”110″]
[icon_text box_type=”normal” icon_pack=”font_elegant” fe_icon=”icon_search-2″ icon_type=”circle” icon_position=”left” title=”Resource Listing” text=”Our Resource Guides were compiled after months of researching local resources who were “autism friendly” in the hopes of providing families and professionals the opportunity to find resources related to autism in one place. These guides are updated annually.” link=”” custom_icon_size=”28″ text_left_padding=”110″][icon_text box_type=”normal” icon_pack=”font_elegant” fe_icon=”icon_comment_alt” icon_type=”circle” icon_position=”left” title=”Facebook Groups” text=”The Autism Society Inland Empire has three different Facebook pages to connect to families and professionals with similar experiences. Our largest Facebook page is a closed group with over 2,000 members. Share your questions, concerns and celebrate your joys with our community.” custom_icon_size=”28″ text_left_padding=”110″]
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