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Person Centered Thinking Workshop

November 14 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Person-centered planning is more than just a buzz word, it is a system shift that puts the desires and life goals of a person in the center of a support system.
People with autism and other intellectual/developmental disabilities are often not given the opportunity to decide or be considered when thinking about who will care for them or how they will spend their time. Many find themselves in the situation where they are simply looking for a solution, a place to put their loved one during the day to break up the monotony video games on the couch.
Instead of asking, “In what program does Michael best fit?” Person-centered planning and programming asks, “Michael, what are your life goals? What makes your life joyful? What makes you feel alive? What drains the life from you?” By starting with the person first, we can begin to construct a support system around an individual instead of forcing people into programs that don’t fit.
Participants who attend this workshop will develop skills in person centered thinking through a series of discussions, applied stories, and guided activities.
1. Participants will understand the philosophy and guiding principles of Person-Centered Planning
2. Participants will understand the use and facilitation of a person-centered planning process.
3. Participants will learn fundamental skills, how to use planning tools and processes to implement person-centered approaches in schools and Regional Center services.

Fee: $50 pp for 3 hour presentation

Vendored by Inland Regional Center Vendored by Inland Regional Center PJ 5144-102.


Anel Ibarra