ASIE provides many valuable services and resources for the local community regardless of membership status. As an all-volunteer organization, we are grateful for our volunteers and supporters who make these services possible:


Distributed twice a month to over 950 families and professionals with the latest in autism news and events in the Inland Empire.

Information and Referral

Free service by email or phone. Contact or (909) 204-4142 x339.

Parent-to-Parent Support

Talk to a parent who has experience in advocating, educating and living with ASD. (951) 220-6922 or Spanish (951) 888-6669
Inland Empire Resource Guide.
Updated each year, this resource provides families and professionals with over 800 resources and 200 pages in this FREE downloadable pdf file! This is the most comprehensive guide to all autism-related programs and services in the Inland Empire. More than 75 topic areas, including Education, Advocacy, Therapies, Recreational Opportunities, Medical/Dental, and Colleges are covered.

Teen & Young Adult Group in Murrieta (recommended ages 14-24 years)

Meets at least twice a month for a fun event. Occasionally have lectures on topics that pertain to adults and adolescents on the spectrum. Contact Kelly Londenberg at (951) 678-8666 or

Social Recreation Programs

In a state-wide survey done in March 2009, the Autism Society of California found that 53% of parents reported that their child had no friends. The lack of social skills was the number one concern of parents of children of all ages here in California. It’s a simple idea – people make friends with others with the same or similar interest. We are working hard to give our children, teens and adults a chance to socialize in a safe place with others that have the same interest. Thanks in part to a grant from The Community Foundation Serving Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, we are proud to offer these classes. Visit our Social Recreation page for a full listing of events.

Enforcement Awareness Initiative for 2011

We are proud to partner with the KVCR Autism Initiative to develop awareness material for the wonderful men and women who serve our communities in Law Enforcement.

Inland Empire Autism Transition Collaborative

Founded by the Autism Society, this group is composed of representatives from school districts, SELPAs, Universities, other governmental agencies, businesses, parents and individuals on the autism spectrum who are dedicated to finding employment and higher education options for adults and teens with disabilities.

Social Events

Our families have enjoyed a day at a ranch, train rides on the Polar Express, camping and a day at the ballpark. These outings provide families with a safe environment that they can expose their child to a new experience. Look for more fun events coming in 2011!


We offer low-cost workshops on a variety of topics important to our autism community. Visit our workshop page for a current listing.

Local, State and National Advocacy

Though our work with the Alliance of California Autism Organizations (ACAO),the Inland Empire Autism Regional Taskforce, efforts through our National office and our relationships with local leaders, we continue to work for a brighter future for all of our families.

You Are Invited to A VIP Reception for Artist Thaddeus Jameson

possibilitiesOn April 4th the ASIE, KVCR TV / PBS, and Re-View Art are partnering to demonstrate the talents of some amazing people who live with autism. Enjoy their art, learn about this major problem facing the U.S., and hear some heart warming stories from families about their amazing children who live with autism. And, help us raise money for an art program for autistic children.

Art, Music, Food & Wine!
Auction of Dinners, Spa Treatments, and Wonderful Decorator Items
Auction of Original Fine Art by Noted Artists Thomas Wyman Painting
Purchase the Art of Thaddeus Jameson
Special Items for the Children in your life

VIP Reception Open to the Public
Friday, April 4 from 4 to 7 PM
Re-View Art Gallery
The Art Place
41-801 Corporate Way, Suite 13
Palm Desert, CA 92260
Phone: 760-904-4126

Thank You to Disability Rights Legal Center

Thank you to Attorney Andrea Smith and Disability Rights Legal Center for presenting on “The School to Prison Pipeline.”  Schools expel students with disabilities three times more than students without disabilities, often in direct violation of the law.  Many schools in the Inland Empire have among the worst expulsion/suspension rates in the state of California.  This seminar provided information on the legal rights of students with disabilities as well what parents can do to protect their children if faced with an expulsion or suspension. Click here for power point -  School to Prison Pipeline power point for IE Autism

Final Bill File Report:

Governor Brown finished signing and vetoing 2013 bills.  Some of the legislation that impacted our community is listed below. For full information on any bill, go to

Abuse and Other Crimes

AB 477 (Chau) would have required notaries to report financial abuse of people with disabilities and elders.  Governor’s action: Vetoed.The governor said notaries have very limited interaction that would let them be aware of abuse.

AB 602 (Yamada) requires state and local law enforcement agencies that cover developmental centers and state hospitals to providing special training for their officers.  Governor’s action: Signed.

AB 620 (Buchanan) requires residential facilities and day programs to develop plans to notify relatives and law enforcement when people with disabilities or elders go missing. Governor’s action: Signed.

AB 971 (Garcia) provides criminal background information on drivers to para-transit agencies. Governor’s action: Signed.

SB 651 (Pavley) requires sexual assault victims in developmental centers and state hospitals to receive forensic examinations in facilities away from the DCs and hospitals.  Governor’s action: Signed.

Attorney Fees

SB 156 (Beall) would have prevented a guardian or conservator from collecting “fees on fees” when the guardian or conservator loses a fee petition challenge. Specifically, this bill provided that a guardian or conservator may not be compensated from the ward’s or conservatee’s estate for any costs or fees, including attorney’s fees, that the guardian or conservator incurred in defending the compensation in the petition, if the court reduced or denied it.  Governor’s action: Vetoed. The governor said he can’t sign the bill without qualifying criteria.

Care Facilities

AB 581 (Ammiano) prohibits care facilities from retaliating in any way against consumers, residents, or staff for reporting problems to the state or to the local long-term care ombudsman.  Governor’s action: Signed.

AB 753 (Lowenthal) requires the state to contract with local nonprofit caregiver resource centers to provide direct services to caregivers of cognitively impaired adults.  Support. Governor’s action: Signed.

Diversity and Equity

AB 1232 (Manuel Perez) requires that Department of Developmental Services’ quality assessment instrument be designed by agencies experienced with linguistic and cultural competency.  Governor’s action: Signed.

SB 208 (Lara) requires a regional center’s request for proposals for consumer supports and services to include a section on equity and diversity.  Governor’s action: Signed.

SB 367 (Block) requires that regional center board training and support cover linguistic and cultural competency issues.  Governor’s action: Signed.

SB 555 (Correa) requires regional centers to communicate with families in their native languages during the IFSP process.  Governor’s action: Signed.


AB 595 (Gomez) This bill requires a community college district to grant priority registration for enrollment to students in the Community College Extended Opportunity Programs and Services program and to disabled students who are determined to be eligible for disabled student programs and services.  Governor’s action: Signed.

SB 330 (Padilla) expands school health education to include education about mental health. Our position: Support. Governor’s action: Signed.

Emergency Services

AB 918 (Cooley) requires the state to develop best practices for government and private agencies to evacuate people with disabilities in emergencies. Governor’s action: Signed.


AB 1041 (Chesbro) required planning teams to consider the state Employment First policy when developing individual program plans.  Governor’s action: Signed.

Health Care

AB 776 (Yamada) includes independent living centers and area agencies on ageing in the list of Medi-Cal stakeholders that the state must consult.  Governor’s action: Signed.

AB 1217 (Lowenthal) requires regulation of private home care organizations and registration of home care aides.  Governor’s action: Signed.

AB 1232 (Manuel Perez) would have notified regional centers that appropriate services including dentistry may be provided through telehealth and asked regional centers to offer telehealth training for consumer’s parents.  Governor’s action: Vetoed. The governor said that “everything required by this bill either can be done, or is already being done.”

AB x1 1 (John Perez) expands Medi-Cal eligibility with federal funds provided by the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).   Governor’s action: Signed.

SBx1 1 (Hernandez) expands Medi-Cal eligibility with federal funds provided by the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).   Governor’s action: Signed.

Mental Health

AB 402 (Ammiano) requires short-term disability insurance to cover disabilities covered by severe mental illnesses.  Governor’s action: Signed.

R Word

SB 816 (Senate Health Committee) eliminates the last use of the R word in state statutes, replacing it with “intellectual disability.” Governor’s action: Signed.


SB 468 (Emmerson) creates a statewide Self-Determination Program for people with developmental disabilities and makes the program available in every regional center catchment area, contingent on federal funding approval. Governor’s action: Signed.

Children, Teen, Adults & Family Programs

Awesome Adults.  Riverside area.  Meets once a month.   Group for adults over 18 – fun, age appropriate events each month facilitated by 2 special ed teachers. This is a drop off program. Check our website for schedule. Visit us on Facebook  or email us at  for more info.

High Desert Support & Play Group.  Apple Valley. A monthly group that is a safe place to come together and socialize with one another; work on communication and play; and a place for parents to come together; exchange info,   ideas and resources while the children attend a play group.  The whole family is welcome – yes, even siblings!  This group is run by an experienced Marriage and family therapist intern, Jonathan Wilson, MFTI.  For more info contact Jonathan Wilson at

Family Events.  Fun events for the entire family range from baseball games, camping trips, picnics, water park day and more.  Check the calendar for the latest events.

Murrieta Teen and Adult Group.  Meets twice a month for fun event. Once at the Community Center, once out in the community. Occasionally have lectures on topics that pertain to adults and adolescents on the spectrum. Meets at the Murrieta Community Center. 41810 Juniper St., Murrieta, CA, 92562. Contact (951) 220-6922 or

Sensory Friendly Films. Ontario Mills AMC 30 and Tyler Mall Galleria in Riverside.
Sensory Friendly means the sound will be turned down, families will be able to bring in their own gluten-free, casein-free snacks, and no previews or advertisements will be shown before the movie. No need to RSVP.  All movies starts at 10am.

Shy Angels. Shy Angels is a group for teens and young adults who have moderate to severe autism; the goal of the group is to have fun, connect with others and experience life through activities in the community. For more info email

Sky High Nights.  Mira Loma.  Jumping fun for the entire family in a building full of trampolines! $5 donation per jumper – parents jump free (Normal cost is $18 for 2 hours). Fun for all ages!  Occasionally has lectures – babysitting available with advanced notice.  Meets every other month.


Thank you to the California Communication Access Foundation

Thank you to the California Communication Access Foundation for helping fund our “Adventures in Communicating” projects for this year.  These projects including a mini-camp held this summer in which over 70 children, parents and professionals learned how to communicate using a variety of AAC strategies.  In addition, we are working on brochures in English and Spanish to explain what is it, funding resources and training resources; and a free workshop to educators demonstrating easy ways to include it in a classroom.  Thank you!

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Spanish Language Outreach & Support

Thanks to a grant from Community Foundation of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties and our collaborators: Another Way, Inland Regional Center, Dr José Fuentes, the Mexican Consulate, and El Sol, we are working to address the disparity and gaps in outreach and education for Spanish speaking families in the Inland Empire. The purpose of the project is to provide Spanish language culturally appropriate information in several modalities; i.e. radio, TV, social media, flyers, brochures and orally through the use of promotores. For more info on this project or for help for Spanish speaking families, contact Yuliana Diaz on our Spanish line at (951) 888-6669 or email

Information & Referral

Free service by email or phone

Contact or 951-220-6922. For Spanish (951) 888-6669.


Distributed twice a month to over 2,200 families and professionals with the latest in autism news and events in the Inland Empire.

Resource Guides

ASIE has developed various resource guides to help families and professionals find services and social recreational opportunities.