Our Services

Info & Referral

We offer multiple ways to connect to receive confidential information and referral services to professionals, individuals and their families affected by autism.  


We offer workshops, conference and training throughout the year on a variety of topics for individuals with autism, family members and professionals. 

Autism Walk

Support the local community at our largest fundraising and awareness event. All funds raised stay in the Inland Empire!


We offer six different groups throughout the Inland Empire.  Something for all families with loved ones of all ages and professionals.  From fun family events to events just for adults and teens.

Special Events

Special events throughout the year.  Includes Holiday Parties, Camping, Autism Day at the Cove Waterpark and much more!


We attend many resource fairs and events throughout the year to distribute informational material on autism and services available in the Inland Empire. 


Connect online, telephone, email, and in-person to find support and compassionate people who understand the journey you are on and can share their experiences and knowledge.  


Learn more about what we are doing to improve outcomes for Employment and First Responder training here in the Inland Empire. 

Grassroots Advocacy

We work to raise the level of awareness regarding certain causes and issues at either the local, state, or federal levels.

  Get started now! There is help!  There is hope!