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As you certainly have heard, there was a tragic shooting at one of our public schools today.  A well respected special ed teacher and a precious student in the teacher’s classroom were killed, another injured.  Our prayers go out to all of the families affected by this unspeakable tragedy.

 We at the Autism Society are here to help you if you have questions or want to talk about this devastating news.  If your child was in the actual classroom or school where the shooting occurred, the school will have counselors and should be communicating with you.  For other families, Behavioral Health Crisis phone lines have been established. Community members may call (909) 386-8256 or (888) 743-1478 for assistance.  For some of our families, this may bring back memories of another horrendous tragedy at the Regional Center.  Please do not hesitate to reach out and talk to someone.  If these resources don’t work for you, please let us know and we can refer you somewhere that will work.

 If you need help from us, call 951-220-6922, or our national Autism Society of America Contact Center at 1-800-3-AUTISM has trained professionals available to help you with answering questions you or your child may have regarding this tragedy.  They answer calls from 6 am to 6 pm each weekday (Pacific Time).

If you are a parent of a school-age child, ask them if they have questions or are worried.  It is important your child knows this was a tragedy but school is safe.  In this case, a terrible man wanted to hurt someone and that is not normal.   Make sure your child knows that people who are married or were married, don’t hurt each other, but work out their conflicts.  Reassure them. Hug and provide comfort to them during this trying time. For more resources on dealing with tragedy, click the link below for information on Grief and Trauma in English and Spanish.

 Hug your loved ones and know we will be there for each other and our community.

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