(951) 777-8174
Doctorate of Education, Masters of Education and Special Education, 30+ years as special education teachers and special education administrators. Provides consultations, IEP services, classes and more!

ABC Special Education Consultants – Araceli Barriga
32295 Mission Tl. #8332, Lake Elsinore
(951) 436-8534
Free assistance to Spanish speaking families in the area of special education, IHSS, Health insurance and IRC related issues. Bilingual.

Adams Esq
3895 Brockton Avenue, Riverside
Attorney Jean Murrell Adams opened the law firm of Adams Esq, a Professional Corporation, to provide high quality legal service at no cost to qualifying parents of children with special needs. Her own experience fighting for the rights of her exceptional child prompted her to dedicate her career to helping other parents. Adams Esq focuses exclusively on special education law. With locations in Los Angeles, Oakland, Riverside and Sacramento, our attorneys are committed to helping children with disabilities obtain a free and appropriate education throughout California and Nevada.

Advocates for Angels – Valerie Aprahamian
(909) 841-2600
provides experienced advocates/consultants to work with families to ensure their child receives an appropriate education to meet their unique needs in the least restrictive environment. Valerie Aprahamian and associates attend IEP, 504 and SST meetings, conflict resolution and mediation, participate in team meetings and case conferences, conduct classroom and DIS observations, and work with families navigating compliance procedures. Advocates for Angels focuses on ensuring that children with IEP’s receive an inclusive education with emphasis on a transition plan that will prepare them for an independent future.

Amster Law Firm
1976 S. La Cienega Blvd. #353, Los Angeles
(213) 444-6028
Represents individuals with special needs in special education and community services matters, including regional center and In-Home Supportive Services. Amster Law Firm is committed to a person-centered approach. Age, race, gender, income, educational level, and/or level of English proficiency should not determine which services an individual with special needs receives.

AOTS Group
41593 Winchester Rd. Suite 200, Temecula
(951) 251-4437
AOTS can help you understand, develop and review these plans to ensure your child has an opportunity to receive a free appropriate public education and has the supports they need to be successful in school. AOTS can help you identify local providers to evaluate your child; can attend IEP meetings and more.
Services all of Riverside and San Diego County, parts of Los Angeles and Orange County.

Brian Allen
(661) 942-8186 or (661) 264-7351
Educational Advocate with over 18 years of experience.

Can assist in the following areas: Advocacy Services, School District, Regional Centers
In Home Support Services ( IHSS ), Social Security Income ( SSI ), Department of Public Social Services Benefits (DPSS), Department of Rehabilitation, By Laws and Policies,
Statewide Disability Organizations and Support Groups, and Referrals to Professionals. Fees are based on a sliding scale depending on household income. Services also available in Spanish.

California Department of Education
1 (800) 926-0648
Provides technical assistance information and resources for parents, school districts, advocates, agencies and others of procedural safeguards regarding students between ages 3 and 21 with disabilities and their educational rights. Online publications available.

Community Access Center
6848 Magnolia Avenue, Suite 150, Riverside (951) 274-0358
74390 Hwy 111, Palm Desert, (760) 568-9301
550 E. 6th Street, Beaumont (951) 769-8539
Provides the following Services: Individual Advocacy, Information and Referral, PARADIGMS, The Technology Evaluation Computer Center, Self-Advocacy” training, ADA compliance reviews, Mental health counseling in American Sign Language, Caregiver Training. Will attend IEPs or IPPs for Regional Center. Can assist with Social Security and IHSS.

California Special Needs Law Group – Richard L. Isaacs
1901 Newport Blvd. Suite 350, Costa Mesa
(888) 900-0744
Provides legal services at an affordable cost. Fills the void for families who can’t afford a typical attorney but who also do not qualify for legal aid services. Will educate clients on the IEP process so they feel emboldened and confident to address their child’s educational needs without an attorney in the future.

Janice S. Cleveland, Esquire
5041 La Mart Drive, Suite 230, Riverside
(951) 680-9195
Specializing in advocating for children in or needing special education, including due process hearing, federal court proceedings & retaliation suits.

Developmental Disabilities Area Board XII
State Council on Developmental Services
650 East Hospitality Lane, Suite 280, San Bernardino
(909) 890-1439
Established by state and federal law as an independent state agency to ensure that people with developmental disabilities and their families receive the services and supports they need. Provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities; advocates for coordinated, comprehensive community services, individualized supports, and other forms of assistance and works to ensure full access to these services.

Disability Rights California
1 (800) 776-5746
Formally Protection and Advocacy, Federally mandated, non-profit organization established to protect and advocate for the human, civil and service rights of Californians with developmental disabilities. Visit site for the online version of “Special Education Rights and Responsibilities”. Publications available in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Spanish.

Disability Rights Legal Center, at College of Law, University of LaVerne
320 East D Street, Ontario
Free and low-cost education advocacy program. Services provided in English, Spanish, ASL and other languages. The Education Advocacy Program represents families of students with disabilities in special education proceedings, including Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) meeting, mediation due process hearings, and government complaints. We also provide monthly Education Advocacy Workshops to teach people about special education and an Education Advocacy Manual, a step-by-step guide to assist parents in advocating for their children.

Exceptional Parents Unlimited (EPU)
This is the Parent Training & Information Center for San Bernardino County residents only (TASK does Riverside County). Provides free services in English and Spanish. Provides free workshops (such as IEP, 504, Transition); telephone advocacy, and in person IEP clinics. Does not attend IEPs with parents. Can help on special ed and Regional Center issues.

Skip Field, Esquire
3877 Twelfth Street, Riverside
(951) 750-2502
Practices Special Education Law. Serves Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties.

Go Bananas
Formed to provide people with special needs and their loved ones a safe place to find resources, advocacy, friendship, activities and emotional support. We are committed to diversity and serve all disabilities and age ranges, as we can learn so much from one another. Offers free trainings for businesses on engaging and hiring the special needs community, free special education advocacy, workshops, and noth an online and in-person support groups.

Jeffrey A. Gottlieb, Esquire
(562) 699-2412
Offers special education services, adoption services for special needs children, Limited Conservatorship of Special Needs Adult, family law and vendor resources.

Daniel Hantman, Esquire
4072 Chestnut Street, Riverside
(951) 784-4400
Accepts Social Security cases for both San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

Inland Empire Children
23571 Sunnymead Ranch Pkway Suite 110-130, Moreno Valley
(909) 547-5437 (KIDS)
Can provide consultations; Initial request for Special Education support and services; SST meeting attendance; IEP meeting attendance; Parent/Teacher conference attendance; Due Process filings; Resolution Session attendance; Mediation with or without Due Process filing; Due Process Hearings; State Complaint filings; Assessment requests and planning; 504 meetings; Manifestation Determination meetings; SARB hearings and regional center advocacy.

Inland Counties Legal Services Inc.
(888) 245-4257
Offices in Blythe, Indio, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, San Bernardino, Victorville
ICLS is committed to securing justice and equality for low-income persons who otherwise would not have access to the judicial system. Offers high quality legal assistance through advocacy and community legal education. ICLS is a non-profit 501c(3) corporation serving Riverside and San BernardinoCounties and receives federal, state, and local county funding.

Jennifer J. Kropke, Esquire – Law Offices of Jennifer J. Kropke
1510 South Farber Avenue, Glendora
(626) 963-7102 or
Admitted to practice in California and New York. Ms. Kropke serves families of special needs children in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange and San Diego counties in the areas of special education law and family law. She has experience in and provides the following services: educational records review, strategic IEP instruction, mediation, resolution sessions and filing and litigating Due Process requests against school districts, special educational local plan areas (“SELPAs”) and county mental health agencies. Ms. Kropke also uniquely offers both standard and hourly retention based on the unique needs of her families.

Law Offices of Liu & Naime
8291 Utica Ave., Suite 100A, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
(909) 941-4114
Full service law firm practicing in the areas of Dependency Law, Family Law Personal Injury Law and Special Education Law. Offers free consultations and have extensive experience in the area of special education law.

Law Offices of Scott Glovsky
225 South Lake Ave, Suite 1000, Pasadena
(877) 316-2093
Practice emphasizes insurance bad faith, catastrophic personal injury, employment and health-related litigation. They fight health insurers, life insurers, disability insurers, property insurers and liability insurers. Help individuals fight their health insurance companies and health plans to obtain appropriate treatment for their medical conditions and reimbursement for denied medical treatment.

Law Office of Ralph Lewis
40960 CaliforniaOaks Rd, Ste. 267, Murrieta
(951) 696-4777
Specializes in the representation of classified children in disputes with school districts pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Law Office of Christopher A. Poulos
(626) 960-9373
101 N. Orange Ave., Suite C, West Covina
Practice focuses on the rights of persons with developmental disabilities and their families.  He assists families in creating supported living arrangements, Special Needs Trusts, Conservatorships, Limited Conservatorships, SSI, estate planning, administrative hearings against Regional Center, advising on the ABLE accounts and more.

Law Offices of Vivian McPayah-Obiamalu, Esq.,
13831 Roswell Avenue Suite 1, Chino
(909) 548-3498
Practices in a number of areas including Special Education Law. Services include IEPs, Mediation, Due Process, harassment and discrimination.

Sandra Marzullo, Special Education Advocate
985 Kendall Drive #193, San Bernardino
(909) 856-6418 or email
Provides a number of services including educational record review, assessment request, parent training, IEP or 504 meeting attendance, assistance in developing goals, assistance in filing compliance complaints, assistance with regional center issues.

Susan Moroff, Special Education Advocate
(760) 727-2473
Serving San Diego , Riverside and Orange County California. Can help develop an Individualized Educational Plan to obtain social, emotional and educational goals, assessments in areas of suspected disabilities, receive services specifically designed for your child’s special needs and help determine the best placement for your child. Free Consultation.

Office of Clients Rights Advocate (OCRA), Inland Regional Center
(909) 383-1133
As a client of Regional Center, the Clients Rights Advocate (CRA) may be able to help answer questions or refer you to another resource in administrative hearings in regards to schools, Social Security, Medi-Cal, neglect, rehabilitation, mental health, discrimination, Regional Centers, In-Home Services, private insurance, guardianship, abuse, day care, criminal matters, personal autonomy, and conservatorship and Alternatives. The Advocate decides which cases they will represent based on the merits of the claim, the ability to advocate for yourself, availability of OCRA resources, and other advocacy sources.

Michelle Ortega
Special education advocate.

Progressive Advocacy Coaching Association, LLC (PACA)
1 (866) 716 -7222
Supports parents across the United States in becoming advocates for their child’s educational and social well being. Provides legal consulting, parent/guardian coaching, negotiation support, resource and referrals. Also has an 8 week Advocacy Academy that combines training and special education consultation by a Special Education Advocate and negotiation and coaching by a certified trainer. Free consultation.

RKH Law Office
Culver City (310) 391-0330
Practice areas include: Special Education, IEP meetings, Due Process, Residential Placement; Regional Center; Insurance for Autism Support; Supplemental Security Insurance for Children and more.

Rolling Start
(909) 884-2129
A non-profit, Independent Living Center that serves individuals with disabilities in San Bernardino County by providing information, housing referrals, independent living skills training, advocacy, and a number of other services.

Law Office of LIU & NAIME
8291 Utica Ave., Suite 100, Rancho Cucamonga
(909) 941-4114
The Law Offices of Liu & Naime conducts free case evaluations to determine if your child is receiving an appropriate education. Our attorneys, special education advocates, and experts understand the specific requirements of eligibility for special education services, Individualized Educational Program (IEP) components and procedural requirements related to complaints and disputes that school districts must be strictly follow. Call for a free consultation: (909) 941-4114

Team of Advocates for Special Kids (TASK)
(909) 890-9560
Conducts numerous Spanish/English Workshops FREE for Riverside County. IEP consultations. Members of TASK receive 3 free consultations.

Justin M Shagrin, Esquire
818-448-6753, e-mai:
Passionately devoted to the practice of special education law. His background in working with special needs kids goes back to his own teenage years through his early twenties. Mr. Shagrin then went on to law school where he received a fellowship at the Center for Childrens Rights, Whittier Law School, and worked at the Special Education Clinic there. He zealously pursues implementation of a childs/families right to quality education.

Mark Woodsmall, Attorney at Law
Woodsmall Law Group, PC
1030 South Arroyo Parkway, Suite 116, Pasadena
(626) 440-0028. ext 100
Provides experienced, practical and sophisticated representation in matters related to the educational and community access rights of the special needs child.

Online information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities. A consultation with Pete Wright, Esquire available for a fee.