Final Bill File Report:

Governor Brown finished signing and vetoing 2013 bills.  Some of the legislation that impacted our community is listed below. For full information on any bill, go to

Abuse and Other Crimes

AB 477 (Chau) would have required notaries to report financial abuse of people with disabilities and elders.  Governor’s action: Vetoed.The governor said notaries have very limited interaction that would let them be aware of abuse.

AB 602 (Yamada) requires state and local law enforcement agencies that cover developmental centers and state hospitals to providing special training for their officers.  Governor’s action: Signed.

AB 620 (Buchanan) requires residential facilities and day programs to develop plans to notify relatives and law enforcement when people with disabilities or elders go missing. Governor’s action: Signed.

AB 971 (Garcia) provides criminal background information on drivers to para-transit agencies. Governor’s action: Signed.

SB 651 (Pavley) requires sexual assault victims in developmental centers and state hospitals to receive forensic examinations in facilities away from the DCs and hospitals.  Governor’s action: Signed.

Attorney Fees

SB 156 (Beall) would have prevented a guardian or conservator from collecting “fees on fees” when the guardian or conservator loses a fee petition challenge. Specifically, this bill provided that a guardian or conservator may not be compensated from the ward’s or conservatee’s estate for any costs or fees, including attorney’s fees, that the guardian or conservator incurred in defending the compensation in the petition, if the court reduced or denied it.  Governor’s action: Vetoed. The governor said he can’t sign the bill without qualifying criteria.

Care Facilities

AB 581 (Ammiano) prohibits care facilities from retaliating in any way against consumers, residents, or staff for reporting problems to the state or to the local long-term care ombudsman.  Governor’s action: Signed.

AB 753 (Lowenthal) requires the state to contract with local nonprofit caregiver resource centers to provide direct services to caregivers of cognitively impaired adults.  Support. Governor’s action: Signed.

Diversity and Equity

AB 1232 (Manuel Perez) requires that Department of Developmental Services’ quality assessment instrument be designed by agencies experienced with linguistic and cultural competency.  Governor’s action: Signed.

SB 208 (Lara) requires a regional center’s request for proposals for consumer supports and services to include a section on equity and diversity.  Governor’s action: Signed.

SB 367 (Block) requires that regional center board training and support cover linguistic and cultural competency issues.  Governor’s action: Signed.

SB 555 (Correa) requires regional centers to communicate with families in their native languages during the IFSP process.  Governor’s action: Signed.


AB 595 (Gomez) This bill requires a community college district to grant priority registration for enrollment to students in the Community College Extended Opportunity Programs and Services program and to disabled students who are determined to be eligible for disabled student programs and services.  Governor’s action: Signed.

SB 330 (Padilla) expands school health education to include education about mental health. Our position: Support. Governor’s action: Signed.

Emergency Services

AB 918 (Cooley) requires the state to develop best practices for government and private agencies to evacuate people with disabilities in emergencies. Governor’s action: Signed.


AB 1041 (Chesbro) required planning teams to consider the state Employment First policy when developing individual program plans.  Governor’s action: Signed.

Health Care

AB 776 (Yamada) includes independent living centers and area agencies on ageing in the list of Medi-Cal stakeholders that the state must consult.  Governor’s action: Signed.

AB 1217 (Lowenthal) requires regulation of private home care organizations and registration of home care aides.  Governor’s action: Signed.

AB 1232 (Manuel Perez) would have notified regional centers that appropriate services including dentistry may be provided through telehealth and asked regional centers to offer telehealth training for consumer’s parents.  Governor’s action: Vetoed. The governor said that “everything required by this bill either can be done, or is already being done.”

AB x1 1 (John Perez) expands Medi-Cal eligibility with federal funds provided by the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).   Governor’s action: Signed.

SBx1 1 (Hernandez) expands Medi-Cal eligibility with federal funds provided by the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).   Governor’s action: Signed.

Mental Health

AB 402 (Ammiano) requires short-term disability insurance to cover disabilities covered by severe mental illnesses.  Governor’s action: Signed.

R Word

SB 816 (Senate Health Committee) eliminates the last use of the R word in state statutes, replacing it with “intellectual disability.” Governor’s action: Signed.


SB 468 (Emmerson) creates a statewide Self-Determination Program for people with developmental disabilities and makes the program available in every regional center catchment area, contingent on federal funding approval. Governor’s action: Signed.